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JUNE 27, 2023 ShekBand will hold open-air concert "Made in Ukraine" in the ICCA (October Palace), Kyiv.


We will perform the original compositions from ShekBand's first album "The Inflatable Ram" and jazz arrangements of Ukrainian folk songs.


"Made in Ukraine" is a unique projection of our time, where thanks to Ukrainian defenders, the young generation of musicians has the opportunity to create sincere music, presenting it to the whole world, and to tell about our treasure - the Ukrainian folk songs.


"Made in Ukraine" is a creative part of the future victory, where no circumstances will prevent us from loving and being proud of our Country!

"Our music is our home, where we will be glad to see all of you"

— ShekBand —


Kyiv, Ukraine

Taklit Artist & Concert Management

Puteaux, France

+33(0)6 42 73 06 70



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