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New Album
Inflatable Ram

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The Album is released 

on all digital platforms 

on April 29, 2022 

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We Are

ShekBand is a teenage jazz trio from Kyiv, Ukraine. We play original contemporary jazz music.

Our performances are a unique vision of modern jazz: a search for new language and individuality, while also paying tribute to the traditions of the great masters of the past, and folk Ukrainian melodies, all through the prism of childlike spontaneity, joy and wild emotional expression.

Our group was formed in 2015 when 5-year-old Maksym joined his brother and sister on stage. The desire to delve into improvisation and music creation motivated us to move forward.


Artem Shekera, 18, has been playing the double bass since he was 7. He considers this instrument to be the best in jazz, it was love from the first note! 


Anna Shekera, 15, plays piano and harp. She has been fascinated by jazz composition since the age of 5, and can no longer imagine her life without it.


Maksym Shekera, 13, plays drums, flute and studies vocal art. He says that playing music was an obvious no brainer, he's been surrounded by great music since he was born.

All three band members study jazz improvisation and composition at the State Music School #4 of Kyiv under the supervision of Mr Oleksii Proshchenkov, Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine.

"Notes are like paints, and we mix them in the most unusual combinations"

— ShekBand —

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Якорь 2


Kyiv, Ukraine

Taklit Artist & Concert Management

Puteaux, France

+33(0)6 42 73 06 70



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